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Ahh! I started a blog! Shhh! Don't tell me, just let me keep pretending that I'm talking to friends. That's really all I consider this blog to be; me, sharing thoughts with someone interested in art and how art works into life.

Now that I have my first blog post out of the way, what can you expect from here on out? I plan to only post when I have something worthwhile to share, but hopefully at least once a month*. (*See edit below) I don't know if I'm ready to tackle an email list yet, so you can check in here as you wish, or, if you follow my Instagram account, I'll post an announcement whenever I put something up. 

Instead of a nice introduction post though, I'm going to cheat... In celebration of World Watercolor Month 2017, I wrote a nice looong post for Charlie over at Doodlewash called "The Long and Short of It". Check it out, and consider a virtual seat in my studio open for whenever you'd like to come back and visit!

Edit: I've found through experience that a consistent blog is just not for me. I've renamed the page to Art Journal and I think my best use of sharing info here will be when I have more information than is efficient to share on Instagram.

Jill Gustavis